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Fitness Programs

We believe that the success of our members is predicated on the quality of our coaching and our ability to build strong, lasting relationships. Success for us means that we make a difference in our members' lives.



Small group training.

This is a 1-hour class comprising a group warm-up followed by skill or strength training programmed in advance with total body fitness in mind. Emphasis is on building strength, increasing mobility and flexibility and learning proper safety techniques while working out.

All classes are lead by one of our certified instructors.


Athletic performance training.

Athlete Performance Class is a mixture of speed and agility, strength development and overall athletic improvement. This program is offered to athletes in graders 4 to 12 and is designed to help athletes become more explosive as well improve agility and mobility to keep athletes healthy during their season. Our focus is to deliver tools to bring these athletes to the top of their game.



Real Training designed for you.

This program is a personalized fitness program for you and you only. You’ll be working directly with one of our certified trainers working to meet your goals. Click below to fill out an interest form.

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