We’ve been keeping a secret….. Rolling into Pillar this summer: Pillar Volleyball Academy!

Our goal has always been to change a million lives. By building a foundation of strength, skill, and community, we provide the Pillars that our athletes of all ages implement for long-lasting wellness, longevity, and health.

Join us for the 2024/25 season!

Tryout Registration Instructions:
Please register for tryouts on a desktop or iPad. The website may not work well on your phone.
1) Follow this link: linktr.ee/pillar_performance
2) Click on “Volleyball Natty Hatty Sign-Up”
3) Create an account IN YOUR NAME. It will then direct you to create an account for your athlete
4) Once the accounts have been created, go back to the linktree (linktr.ee/pillar_performance) and click on “2024-2025 Volleyball Academy TRYOUT REGISTRATION”
5) Find Pillar Volleyball Academy and select the tryout you would like to register for
6) Follow prompts to complete the registration process
For additional questions/concerns with Natty Hatty and the registration process, contact them at: hello@nattyhatty.com

pillar volleyball academy
Send any questions to: volleyball@pillarfitness.com